imagesCACTMA6H peer feedback

A requirement of the unit was for two peers to do a peer marking on my blog using the rubric provided in the unit material, to provide feedback that could potential help improve my blog.

Peer 1 – Rima Soueid Rubric Feedback- Rima Soueid_Blog Rubric Peer Marking of Courtney Anderson blog
Peer 2 – Donna Bumbak Rubric Feedback- Doona Bumback_Blog Rubric Peer Marking of Courtney Anderson Blog

Reflection on the Peer Marking

The peer feedback received was useful in some respect allowing some further changes to my blog to improve the final presentation.  Not both peer feedbacks suggested improvements and the grading issued by each peer was different, with peer two suggesting a higher grade than peer one. However peer one provided a more indepth feedback focusing on both postive and negative aspects of the blog, where peer two provided positive feedback only.

The feedback from peer one was constructive offering areas of improvement, whilst also recognising the areas that have been completed to a high standard requiring no change. One section of the feedback I disagree with, where peer one was suggesting some blog entries were missing.  However rather than ignoring that section of the feedback I proactively investigated the blog ensuring there were no technical issues with the blog suggesting that some viewers were not able to see all blog entries.  This clarified that there were no issues with the blog and it was just purely a mistake from the peer one’s point of view. An email was sent to peer one to confirm this and a response was received advising once the blog fully loaded all blog entries were visible.

No changes were made to the blog based on the feedback from peer two as the feedback provided positive feedback only and suggested no improvements or changes to the blog. However varies changes were made to the blog based on the feedback from peer one.  The changes made to the blog are as follows:

– Embedded the Prezi on the Global Poverty Project into the blog for a more visual appeal

– Completed the digital fluency post as this was not complete at the time of the peer marking

– Suggested in some areas how the technology can be used in the classroom and how it can support the learning.


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