Below is the link to the ‘Let’s Count’ animation I created. The animation is a Star Fish who helps count to 10.

Scratch Animation Web link:

Creating an animation for this weeks task tested my technology skills.  I have often considered myself has a ‘digital native’, who can easily pick up the skills to use programs I have not previously used.  However this was the first time using the program ‘Scratch’ and I found this experience quite challenging.  I found I had to utilise the resources on ‘how to use scratch’, that were provided on the Blackboard in order to be successful in completing this tasks. Before attempting to make an animation I watched the video clip provided and also utilised the ‘learn scratch’ website by watching a few more video clips and taking the online course.

Even though I found the program challenging to use, I felt a sense of accomplishment when I completed the task and seen the end product.  Before producing my final animation, I made numerous attempts to make a game and other different animations. I found this task very testing and at times felt frustrated. I believe if I had the opportunity to complete this task in a classroom environment with other students and a tutor, I believe I would have completed the task with more success.  One problem I faced was understanding where I went wrong with the scripts. The scripts I found were quite sensitive in the respect that the scripts had to be set up in the correct order or the animation would not work.

I felt this weeks task is the type of natured tasked where face to face support would have hugely benefited. Most of the issues I was having were minor, but it would have been great to have someone oversee my scratch to pinpoint where I was going wrong.  I believe if I had that support, I would have learnt a lot more about the program.   However not having face to face support is one of the negatives of studying online so I used my initiative and utilised the resource provided.


Scratch [Image]. Retrieved from


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