Using ‘Sploder’ was a great experience which really made me focus of appreciating the effort that goes into creating games.  This was the first time I used ‘Sploder’ and prior to this experience, I must admit I would enjoy playing games but never focused on how much effort it actually takes someone to create a game that we are using as enjoyment or to play while relaxing.

Sploder defiantly has value in incorporating such technology in the learning and teaching experience for the modern age students we will be teaching.  Sploder can be used as an technology tool that children can use to create their own games.  I can just vision the sense of achievement that the children would receive from creating their own online game to play and enjoy.  Using Sploder in the classroom would further develop the children’s use in different software programs and digital systems. It would provide the students with an opportunity to explore a modern technology that is popular in the modern world they are growing up in and learning in.

EDC101 Sploder Game Weblink:

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