Pinterst for teachers 2 Understanding modern technologies and the latest technology phases, isn’t the only things important for teachers.  Teachers need to be creative in their teaching and include modern technology into the classroom and the way they teach.

The internet is one of the best resources for teachers as it provides endless amounts of resources.  No matter the topic, the internet is guaranteed to have something useful for a teacher’s teaching. Just to name a few teachers can use the internet to access digital information, ideas, online programs, digital materials, and so on.  The internet not only provides teachers with resources and information but also allows teachers to connect and communicate.

Today teachers are not restricted to only communicating and connecting with their students when inside the classroom.  Teachers can use the internet to connect and communicate with students, parents, the wider school and the community. There is a number of social media applications available for teachers but some of the most popular at present are Twitter, Facebook, Instragram.

The technology tools available to teachers is endless but one great technology tool that is a major hit today is Pinterest.

Pinterest is a site where you can pin useful information you find on the internet. There is a number of ways to present information on Pinterest but the most common is photos.  The photos are linked to a webpage or a blog post, which provides you with further access to information on the topic you are pinning and directs you to websites and so on.

Pinterest is great for teachers, where they can explore teaching ideas and save those teaching ideas they find useful or a good resource.  By pinning through Pinterest, teachers will be able to connect with other teachers and expand their creativity in teaching in this digital world we are living in.

Below is a link to a Pinterest board – ‘Pinterest for Teachers’, which is a great guide for teachers using Pinterest.


Pinterest for teachers [Image]. Retrieved from.


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