digital information Multi Media Internet Laptop with Objects

Gone are the days where teachers are limited to chalk and a chalk board for teaching. Modern technology has opened the doors to creative teaching and provides access to an endless variety of information.

It is quite amazing the amount of digital information that is available.  Information is no longer limited to text, information is now available in multiple formats some being audio files, videos, images, and web links for example.   However precautions need to be taken to ensure the accuracy of the digital information we are accessing online.  Digital information is not limited to a single message and the multiple ways it can be presented caters for the different ways people prefer to learn, which does result in multiple ways of understanding and interpreting the digital information we are accessing.

Teachers today have access to a wide variety of useful resources online that can help teachers cater for the needs of all their students.  Those teachers who dare to explore and be involved in new technologies will be very successful teachers and connect with their students in a way that they are being involved and interested in the digital world they live in. An essential component of modern day classrooms is the inclusion of digital technologies.  As previously discussed in one of my previous blogs, teachers must cater for the digital expectancy that students are provided with experiences and have access to modern technologies to learn and be fluent in.


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